Ring Size

Important to choose the correct ring size, the size is chosen differently in different countries. We present the rings with the American ring size USA. If you do not have a correct  ring  size, you can measure the length with a thread. Best to measure your finger in the evening, then it's biger. When it is hot, the fingers are usually thicker and when it is cold the fingers are smaller. Wide rings feel smaller, than narrow rings, then is best to go up a bit in size.

Circumference in millimeters, used to estimate your ring size:

1.Take a string of thread, wrap around your finger.
2. Mark where the two endpoints meet.
3. Measure the cord, threaded with a ruler, tape measure.
4. In the table below, you will find the measurement value.

 Another method (diameter), take the ring that fits best, measure the inner diameter of the ring with the ruler.

Conversion table United States ring sizes = equal to circumference mm or inside with ruler mm (inner diameter)

 Ring Size Table 

  Diameter (ruler)

 inside mm

Circum- ference


Ring size 


 15,7  49,5   5
 16,1  50,6  5 1/5
 16,5  51,8  6
 16,9  53,1  6 1/5
 17,3  54,4  7
 17,7  55,7   7 1/5
 18,1  56,9  8
 18,5  58,2  8 1/5
 18,9  59,5  9
 19,4  61  9 1/5
 19,8  62,3  10